Community Resilience Fund: Advisory Services & Grants to Aid NY Social Safety Net

Key Info & Contacts

The Community Resilience Fund (CRF) combines business advice with innovative grant money over an 18-month period, designed to make participating organizations financially stronger and more resilient in our era of scarce resources. CRF is providing 15 NYC organizations supporting vulnerable populations with deep advisory services, intended to strengthen each organization’s business.   At NFF, we also know that there are costs to changing your business, and the money necessary to execute a transformation is all too rare.  To address this challenge, we are also offering Change Capital grants to a select number of participants, allowing them to move from planning to action. Learn more below. 

Advisory Services

NFF consultants are working deeply with each participating organization’s leaders over an 18-month period to help them assess how their nonprofit must change or adapt to achieve its ambitions. These services will be at no cost to participants.  Services will be highly customized, following a work plan that is developed and revised in close collaboration with participants. The work will take a “case management” approach to building the financial strength of the organization. 

Change Capital

NFF has found time and again in its advisory work that nonprofits struggle to raise capital to achieve their ambitions for transformation.  As a central component of CRF, participating organizations on the road to growth or change will work with NFF to develop capitalization plans. Change Capital grants of $200,000-$350,000 will be available to 3-5 of the participating organizations after developing a capitalization plan with NFF over a 6-12 month period. These grants are not intended for program or service delivery. Instead, Change Capital grants will help selected participants implement their capitalization plan and invest in their growth and change. NFF consultants will work closely with the all participants to help them leverage change capital from other sources.

In response to the needs of participating organizations and as the program grows, it is our hope to provide additional Change Capital and, where appropriate, loans to CRF participants over the next several years. As more funds become available, we will work quickly to mobilize them to support financially-ready participants. 

Participating Organizations

African Services CommitteeBusiness Center for New AmericansCenter For Alternative Sentencing And Employment ServicesCommittee for Hispanic Children and Families; The Floating HospitalFriends of Island AcademyGrand Street SettlementHeights and HillsIris House;Leake & WattsNew York City Gay and Lesbian Anti Violence ProjectPalladia, Inc.Staten Island Mental Health SocietySunnyside Community Services; Women's Housing and Economic Development Corp.


Participating organizations in the first found of CRF were selected based on the following core criteria:

  • Is a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) tax status
  • Serves constituents primarily in New York City (any of the 5 boroughs)
  • Primarily provides direct services to underserved communities
  • Is NOT a hospital, university or exclusively advocacy-based organization
  • For the last 3 years, has received 51% or more of funding from government contracts that focus on providing health and human services. See a list of eligible program areas that fall under this category on our FAQs page. Government contracts may be from City, State or Federal agencies, or for direct billing (such as in Medicaid, etc.). Preference will be given to organizations with at least one New York City government contract.
  • Has operated for at least 5 years
  • Has a stable executive leadership and Board, and leadership is committed to working closely with NFF over the entire course of the CRF engagement
  • Has sufficient capacity for and commitment to organizational change 

Thank You

CRF is made possible thanks to the collaboration and support of the following funders and partners: Citi Foundation, The F.B. Heron Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, The Clark Foundation and Mizuho USA Foundation.

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