On January 30, the Catalyst Fund hosted an event to celebrate the release of two new publications highlighting emerging lessons and success stories in nonprofit collaborations.  The event represented an important milestone in building momentum and infrastructure for supporting strategic collaborations among nonprofits in the Boston area.  The event featured a panel of nonprofit leaders who have recently engaged in strategic collaborations through the support of the Catalyst Fund.  The panelists addressed a standing-room only crowd of nonprofit leaders, providing an open and honest dialogue about their objectives and motivations for collaboration and the challenges associated with planning and implementation.  While the nonprofit sector has historically shied away from structured collaborations, audience questions and feedback presented a picture of eager and engaged nonprofit leaders looking for tactical guidance on how to find and initiate conversations with potential partners. 

Weren’t able to participate in person?  An archived video of the event can be seen below or here

Video streaming by Ustream


Still want to learn more?  The Catalyst Fund’s Interim Assessment Report (pdf) provides key insights into the characteristics of successful collaborations and shares additional stories of lessons learned in the pursuit of nonprofit collaborations. 

The Catalyst Fund will be reviewing applications on a quarterly basis in 2013.  For more information about the application process, guidelines and timeframe please visit the Catalyst Fund’s website