Growth Capital Services: Products & Services

Growth Capital Services help nonprofits attract the equity-like capital they need to increase their social impact in a rigorously sustainable way. NFF is not in the business of raising money. Rather, we are in the business of helping our nonprofit clients to raise money, and our funder clients to deploy money in powerful ways.


We engage with the senior management team of a nonprofit to evaluate the prospective fit of the organization with the SEGUE equity capital campaign methodology. This involves assessment of the following criteria: business plan, fundraising context, management team readiness, board capacity, social return on investment, enterprise capital structure and requirements. The output is a written assessment of the appropriateness of the SEGUE methodology as it pertains to the organization's growth plan.


  • Enterprise Design and Financial Planning
  • Assessment of Capitalization Needs
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Prospectus Writing Support
  • SEGUE Accounting Support
  • Deal Structuring & Transaction Support
  • Performance Reporting Support

SEGUE engagements anticipate a successful raising of $5 million or more in growth capital for a nonprofit 501(c)(3) enterprise. The range of services required, and the cost of these services varies a great deal across clients, depending upon their state of preparation, and upon the intrinsic complexity of their nonprofit enterprise. Components of the work typically include:


SEGUEs are ideal for established organizations that have experience with capital campaigns and have sustainable growth plans calling for $5 to $30 million of investment. For more information please contact us at

*For more information, see George Overholser's seminal piece "Building is not Buying."