FAQs: Nonprofit Services

What is NFF?

Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is a 501(c)(3) Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). We make loans to nonprofits and provide a continuum of financing, consulting, and advocacy services to nonprofits and funders nationwide. Our services are designed to help great organizations stay in balance, so that they're able to successfully adapt to changing financial circumstances—in both good and bad economic times—and grow and innovate when they're ready. In addition to loans and lines of credit for a variety of purposes, we organize financial training workshops, perform business analyses, and customize our services to meet the unique financial needs of each client. For funders, we provide support with structuring of philanthropic capital and program-related investments, manage capital for guided investment in programs, and provide advice and research to help maximize the impact of grants.

To learn more, visit the "About Us" section of our website!

What is NFF's experience in the field?

NFF has been providing loans and consulting services since in 1980 and has served thousands of nonprofits nationwide. We've made over $235 million in loans, distributed $130 million in New Market Tax Credit deals, and leveraged over $1.3 billion in capital for our nonprofit clients.

In addition to our thousands of nonprofit consultancies and workshops, we've managed and participated in a variety of strategic partnerships with funders to provide customized lending and consulting services to grantees.  We have partnered with over 250 foundations of all sizes to connect financial resources with program goals, run loan and grant programs, and build grantee capacity.

What organizations does NFF serve?

NFF serves nonprofits and funders nationwide. We work with nonprofits across all sectors, including health and human services, child care providers, arts and culture, community centers, community development organizations, educational institutions, religious organizations, and more. Our loans are also available to social enterprises that promote the economic, social, and cultural development of their communities. On the funder side, we work with foundations, government, individual donors, and other grantmakers.

Where are you located, and where do you serve?

We have eight offices serving nonprofits and funders throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and Western Region. Our national headquarters are in New York City. See a full list of our contact information.

How large is NFF?

We have a staff of around 70 people working in our 5 offices.

Does NFF give grants?

On rare occasions, only as part of special initiatives or projects with funders. Any open calls for grants will be posted on the local office web pages.

Are your services free?

While our loans must be re-paid, we do everything we can to provide financial consulting services that are free or at low-cost for our nonprofit clients.  We do this by getting support from funders, who will often cover our costs so that we can provide subsidized or free services to a group of nonprofits.  We also provide free online resources and frequently organize free web chats and webinars. Look at our Speaking Engagements page to see if there's a web chat or webinar you can access, or if an NFF workshop has been funded in your area.  If you’re interested in receiving any of our services, consider starting a conversation with your funder!

Can my organization invest in or fund NFF?

NFF works with banks, foundations, corporations, and government agencies interested in different ways of investing in what we do. Some provide lending capital, others partner with us to provide grants, others pay for services for nonprofits, or invest in NFF as an organization. If you are interested in investing or learning more about how to get involved, contact us!

Can individuals invest in NFF?

If you are interested in funding our work, please contact us! We always welcome the opportunity to open a conversation with potential donors or supporters.

What kinds of free online resources do you have?

We offer free planning guides, facility-related advice, and help managing your finances in a changed economic environment.  Our free loan webinar is a practical resource for organizations who are new to the lending process, and want to understand the kinds of loans available and what they need to do to get ready to apply for a loan.  Transcripts on numerous topics from our web chats with the Chronicle of Philanthropy are also available online.  Finally, we’ve posted a Nonprofit Glossary to help you wade your way through financial terminology.