Help and Helping After Hurricane Sandy

Our thoughts and prayers are with those coping with the difficult conditions still unfolding in some of our New York and New Jersey communities in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Below are resources for nonprofits that we've found so far. Please email us at or send us a tweet at @nff_news to help us grow this list.

New York Help

New York Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand has published an excellent guide to navigating the disaster assistance process. It includes Federal resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Small Business Administration (SBA) and others. The emergency grants and low-interest loans will be of particular interest to organizations in need of immediate repairs to damaged facilities or facing cash-flow concerns.

For nonprofits to apply for FEMA Public Assistance (PA) in New York

Request for Public Assistance

FEMA held applicant briefings in New York City on November 16 and 19th. Whether or not you were able to attend a FEMA Applicant Briefing, you are encouraged to register with FEMA as soon as possible by completing and submitting the RPA form. The one-page form can be found here. Email the completed form to John Grubsick at and a FEMA representative will contact you directly. The deadline for submitting an RPA is currently December 2, 2012.

Nonprofit Recovery Loan Fund

The City of New York is launching several efforts to support nonprofit organizations in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Building on a strong commitment to support and strengthen the nonprofit sector, the initiatives include the NYC Nonprofit Recovery Loan Program, a $26 million bridge loan program, pro-bono legal assistance dedicated to nonprofits, briefings regarding federal reimbursements and filing procedures, updated nonprofit assistance information on and support for nonprofits at the NYC Restoration Centers.

For small- to mid-sized businesses that have experienced business interruption
An emergency loan for businesses will be available, patterned after similar programs deployed in past emergencies. Loans will be capped at $10,000. Please click log on to to contact an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager or call 311 and ask for NYC Business Emergency Loan.

For mid- to large-sized businesses that need to undertake rebuilding
An emergency sales tax letter from New York City Industrial Development Authority (IDA) will be available allowing businesses to avoid payment of New York City and New York State sales taxes on materials purchased for rebuilding. IDA will also waive all fees and, while following State law, look to streamline its normal procedure. This program is expected to offer economic benefits to reconstruction projects costing $500,000 or more. Please contact Shin Mitsugi at for further information on this program.

For any business that is temporarily displaced from its space
Short-term "swing" office space at Brooklyn Army Terminal available free of charge until November 30, 2012. NYCEDC has approximately 40,000 square feet of warehouse space at the Terminal that can be used for this purpose. Please log on to to contact an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager or call 311 and ask for NYC Business Solutions.

For any business in need of other emergency assistance
The SBS Business Outreach Team and Emergency Response Unit's Large Scale Response Team will be deployed after the storm to help all impacted small businesses. This team is currently on-call for any storm-related business inquiries and is closely coordinating with the NYC Office of Emergency Management. Please log on to  to contact an NYC Business Solutions Account Manager or call 311 and ask for NYC Business Solutions.

Federal Aid Programs for Disaster Recovery - Recovery Loans - up to $2,000,000 for physical property and/or economic injury
Log on to for information from the Federal Small Business Administration on disaster recovery assistance.

New Jersey Help

Statewide Hurricane Sandy Business Recovery Assistance
For Information on New Jersey's Business Assistance Services call the Business Action Center
at 1-866-534-7789

Also, visit the New Jersey Economic Development Authority site

Legal Aid

Inquire about an NFF Loan


If you were not directly affected by the storm but would like to help others who are coping with Sandy's effects: