Types of Loans

Nonprofit Finance Fund® (NFF®) Loans typically range between $500,000 and $2 million and are used for the following purposes:Submit Loan Inquiry
Facility Loans
  • Acquisition
  • Construction, renovation and leasehold improvement
  • Related soft costs, such as professional fees and permits
  • Relocation costs
Working Capital Loans
  • Bridging capital campaign receipts, grants, government contracts, and other receivables
  • Lines of credit to support temporary cash flow needs
  • Program expansion
Equipment Loans
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Computer hardware and software
  • HVAC and security systems
  • Other program-and facility-related equipment

New Markets Tax Credit Program

  • In total, NFF has received $231 million New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) allocation to attract private capital for investment in low-income communities.
  • NMTC loans are priced reasonably and available for community facility projects over $5 million that involve acquisition, substantial renovations, leasehold improvements, or new construction of community spaces such as charter schools, health clinics, community centers, arts & cultural spaces, and others.
  • Visit NFF’s NMTC page for more information.

In addition to loans, NFF provides other services to help your nonprofit prepare for your project, including Workshops, Nonprofit Business Analyses, and Systems Replacement Plans.


NFF serves nonprofits from offices in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and West Coast. To request more information or apply for an NFF loan, contact a nonprofit lender at your nearest NFF local office.