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With fewer resources available post-recession, nonprofits are coming up with creative solutions to better serve their communities.  Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) has partnered with a variety of funders to support these endeavors through the Catalyst Fund, a unique fund to support the exploration of collaborations and mergers. 

The Catalyst Fund is a source of financial and technical advisory support as a catalyst for promising voluntary collaborative ventures and mergers among nonprofit organizations. It is a regional and national model, initially focused on support to Boston area nonprofits, with the goal of developing a permanent resource infrastructure to support nonprofit collaborations—rooted in best practices and data-based outcomes. The Catalyst Fund welcomes additional local, regional, and national funding partners. 

Currently, two geographic/mission areas are being served.  Click below for detailed information including how the fund in each area works, information for technical assistance providers, and application procedures:

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Click below to read recent press releases by organizations supported by the Catalyst Fund:

The Catalyst Fund has been featured in publications such as Stanford Social Innovation Review and The Boston Globe.  Click here to read the articles.


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NEW! The Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits Interim Assessment The Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits Interim Assessment


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