NFF® Advisory Services


With support from funders, we provide financial advice and tools to nonprofits at any stage of their development. Learn more about each group of services by clicking on the links below or through the menu in the upper right!

  • Core Support
    In our Core Services, we assess an organization's financial situation through a Nonprofit Business Analysis and then develop a work plan to help managers implement new tools and practices. We also help them better communicate their organization's financial situation to funders and other stakeholders. Over time, the nonprofits we work with are better able to plan and adapt in both good and bad economic times, implement cost-cutting measures that have the least impact on programs, and ultimately better connect money to mission.
  • Collaboration Services
    More and more, nonprofits are entering into alliances and mergers with other organizations to better fulfill a common mission. It's essential that nonprofits considering collaboration engage in thorough analysis and planning-- from determining feasibility, to final implementation, to forecasting. We can help guide nonprofits through every step of the process.
  • Growth Capital Services
    NFF® helps organizations consider, plan, and manage major strategic growth or transformation. We design strategic campaigns of $5 million or more to raise growth or change capital. Through our Sustainable Enhancement Grant (SEGUESM) process, we provide nonprofits and their philanthropic investors with an accounting methodology and plan for attracting and manageing these capital funds.

NFF's Complete Capital Approach:

We increasingly recognize that adaptation to new economic realities requires an integrated, flexible approach that combines grants, investment capital, advisory support and innovation. Adaptation also requires collaboration between government, investors, foundations, and intermediaries like us to unlock capital and services creatively and meaningfully. And we must employ our unique role as a trusted advisor and honest partner who can weave together funders and the organizations they support. We call this approach Complete Capital.

Complete Capital

Complete Capital is a framework for harnessing all the elements needed to promote sustainable social solutions. Most social change requires a combination of financialintellectualsocial, and human capital directed towards solving a problem.

We begin by asking what challenge we seek to address, rather than what tool, such as a grant or loan, we want to use. By organizing around a well-defined systemic or organizational problem, we can coordinate a comprehensive set of resources and capabilities.

Applying our 30 years of financial and advisory experience, we then partner with multiple stakeholders to develop and deliver targeted services to a group of organizations or a community within a limited timeframe. Over the course of the program, we track the practices and results to systematically capture what is and is not successful.

Complete Capital approaches include:

  • Complex partnerships that incorporate multiple forms of financial capital coupled with grant-supported consulting services for a cohort of organizations in a specific issue area and/or geography;
  • Single-partner programs that integrate investments or investment advice and grant-supported consulting services for a cohort of organizations;

In some circumstances, simple solutions work well enough. We continue to offer our investment and advisory products separately. But we increasingly see that organizations and systems facing the need to adapt to new structural realities require Complete Capital interventions.

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