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NPO Services

Why Nonprofits Need Financial Help

Times of crisis always expose our strengths and weaknesses -- in all sectors and businesses. We rise to extraordinary challenges and falter in difficulties we're unprepared to deal with. In our post-recession world, the still-growing demand for nonprofit services, depleting (or nonexistent) reserves, and funding cuts have sharpened the picture of our sector's strengths and weaknesses. To rise above constantly changing economic conditions and maximize the social impact of money, we need to come up with innovative and flexible strategies to survive and thrive-- right now and in the future. This is where NFF can help.

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NFF's goal is to help nonprofits financially protect themselves and their programs from economic ups and downs and strategically grow and innovate when they're ready. We customize our services to meet a variety financial needs, from providing short crash courses in finance essentials to working with organizations very deeply, over many years.

Loans and Financing

Our Loans and Financing help nonprofits manage growth, build and renovate facilities, balance government contract payments and cash flow and bridge capital campaigns, so organizations can better serve their clients and communities. Learn more about our loans types and amounts. NFF loans can help your organization:
  • Purchase, build or renovate a facility, including leasehold improvements
  • Upgrade equipment necessary to an organization's operation
  • Manage timing of receivables from government grants or capital campaigns
  • Expand programs or grow an earned income or social venture
  • Temporarily smooth cash flow to meet day-to-day operating cash needs

Consulting, Group Learning, and Education

These services provide nonprofit managers with a variety of tools to help them assess their organization's financial health, communicate needs, and understand the financial impact of decisions on programs and mission. They're designed so that:
  • Nonprofits have the financial tools to plan effectively during years of economic crisis and beyond
  • Short-term decisions leave nonprofits financially sound for the long haul
  • Cost-cutting measures disrupt programs as little as possible
  • Nonprofits prepare for new ways of operating in a changed and changing economic reality
  • High-performing and socially valuable nonprofits don't fail due to financial challenges alone