Nonprofit Finance 101

In the nonprofit world, "finance" is a tricky subject. Most of us would prefer to think about mission rather than the bottom line. And taking care of the financial part of the equation - in the midst of dozens of other pressing duties - can be daunting.
Nonprofit Finance Fund helps nonprofits manage financial opportunities as well as risks that can threaten the quality and longevity of social impact. We provide access to capital, financial management tools and advice, sector-wide knowledge, and 30 years of field experience to help nonprofits strengthen the financial base that supports their mission year after year and decade after decade. We guide nonprofits in tackling their financial tasks and using financial information to make strong program decisions. Our goal is to transform the overwhelming into something manageable.
Below is a list of key articles and free resources about nonprofit finance.

Nonprofit Capitalization:

Philanthropic Equity/Growth Capital:

Nonprofit Debt Financing: 

Impact Investing/Social Investment Funds:

Current State and Future of Nonprofit Sector

Managing Your Organization:

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