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NFF began its mission in New York City. Since 1980, NFF has provided financial and advisory services to the nonprofit community in the New York metropolitan area. Most of our clients are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, but we also serve organizations outside the five boroughs on a case-by-case basis. Learn more below!


  • Loans and lines of credit for facilities and working capital, all tailored to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations at competitive rates and terms.
  • New Markets Tax Credit Loans offer tax credits for private investors in exchange for capital investment in facilities in low-income communities.
  • Nonprofit Business Analysis (NBA) is an in-depth financial analysis and consultation that clarifies an organization's financial condition, helping management balance financial considerations with program goals and better articulate financial needs to funders.
  • Financial Leadership Clinic combines an educational seminar on nonprofit finance with individual coaching and peer-based learning. In the two-day Clinic, four to six small-to-midsized nonprofits working in a common sector learn to read and interpret their financial documents, understand the dynamics of their business models, and identify and communicate the specific financial needs and goals of their organizations.
  • Workshops and Coaching expertly guide nonprofits and funders in exploring how management decisions and capital structure affect an organization's mission and finances. NFF workshops are a dynamic exploration of how nonprofits and funders can improve the ways they use money, so that missions can thrive.
  • Capital Partners helps nonprofit organizations attract the shareholder-like investment they need to support significant transformations. Capital Partners brokers and facilitates capital campaigns of $5 million or greater, so that nonprofit executives can focus on the day-to-day running of their organizations.
  • Speaking Engagements, featuring insights from NFF staff on the giving, getting and using of money in the nonprofit sector. With over 25 years experience in the field, NFF is a locally, nationally and internationally recognized thought leader on topics related to nonprofit finance and social enterprise.
  • Systems Replacement Plan (SRP) is a detailed review of a nonprofit's building systems. NFF consultants create a 20-year SRP that forecasts expected timing and costs of replacements and repairs, helping organizations better plan for future facility-related capital needs.
  • Building for the Futuresm (BFF) offers a matching savings program that prevents deferred maintenance financial crises by funding building reserves. BFF helps organizations prepare for long-term repair and replacement costs in a planned and timely way.
  • NFF Funder Services help funders improve grantmaking practices, build knowledge, and better understand nonprofit finance so they can better serve their grantees.

Client Stories

Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDCo) began its relationship with NFF in 2002 when it received a grant from the NFF Nonprofit Recovery Fund. WHEDCo is building a more prosperous Bronx by offering interconnected, innovative solutions for families, including the building of energy-smart affordable homes, small business incubation, and youth development and family counseling programs. WHEDCo, like many nonprofits, frequently maintains high levels of receivables from government contracts. NFF provided WHEDCo with a line of credit to improve its cash flow while it awaits government reimbursements. WHEDCo also received two NBAs from NFF, which helped WHEDCo's leadership shape strategies that advance its mission.

 (Photo courtesy of WHEDCo)

The South Bronx Charter School for International Cultures and the Arts (SBCSICA) is the first charter public school to open in the South Bronx with a focus on dual language immersion. With the help of NFF, SPSG School Real Estate Group, and Bank of America, SBCSICA secured $2.5 million in financing needed to acquire a new facility. NFF is currently evaluating additional financing to fund part of the school's $11.4 million renovation project, including additional classroom space and activity, art and music rooms.

 (Photo courtesy of SBCSICA)

Manhattan Youth Resources and Recreation (MYRR) provides childcare and academic and cultural activities to Lower Manhattan residents. MYRR was among the first NFF clients to receive the early version of the NBA, which gave detailed insight into the questions its management wanted to answer before proceeding with plans to open lower Manhattan's first community center. In 2007, NFF provided a line of credit that gave MYRR the flexibility it needed to finish the project, which had its grand opening in spring of 2008.

New York Workshops and Clinics

  • Linking Money To Mission: A Balancing Act: Learn to balance your organization's mission with its financial realities. Plan for an in-depth and dynamic discussion of your organization's capital situation, its plans for the future, and the best path to achieve your long-term goals.
  • Nonprofit Financial Literacy: The purpose of this workshop is to increase the comfort of nonprofit managers and board members in reading and interpreting nonprofit financial statements.
  • Facility Projects: Planning, Funding & Financing Strategies: This workshop demystifies the various fundraising and financing strategies available to pay for a facility project.
  • Growth in the Nonprofit Sector: Achieving Impact and Stability: This workshop will look at the financial questions raised by growth, as well as the strains it can place on an organization's financial structure if not planned for and managed properly.
  • Getting to Know Nonprofit Finance Fund : NFF staff will provide an introduction to NFF's mission and nonprofit financial services that aim to help nonprofit organizations improve their capacity to serve their communities.
  • Financial Leadership Clinic: In the two-day Clinic, four to six small-to-midsized nonprofits working in a common sector learn to read and interpret their financial documents, understand the dynamics of their business models, and identify and communicate the specific financial needs and goals of their organizations.


  • Brenda Loya: Senior Business Development Officer
  • Jina Paik: Director
  • Kristine Teaño: Associate Director
  • Dana Archer-Rosenthal : Pay for Success Program Manager
  • Kate Crisalli: Business Development Manager
  • Sherr Lo: Manager
  • Sonia Montoya: Manager
  • Nancy Nichols : Manager, Closing Specialist
  • Onika Lewis: Senior Associate, New Markets Tax Credits
  • Elise Miller: Senior Associate
  • Gilda Moussazadeh: Senior Associate, Loan Administrator
  • Amanda Mwamuka: Senior Associate
  • Yan Li Jiang: Associate
  • Trishna Nath: Associate
  • Claude Rosen: Associate

How to reach us

70 West 36th Street 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 212.868.6710
Fax: 212.268.8653
Twitter: @NFF_NewYork

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  • NFF has been selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to be a participating lender in their NYC Capital Access Revolving Loan Guarantee Program. As the only lender exclusively for nonprofits, NFF will be able to extend loans to some organizations that would otherwise be unable to access them in the current market. To learn more, see or Media Reports on the NYC Mayor's Initiative.