Web Chat, In Partnership with New York Nonprofit Press

2012 Summer Web Chat:

"Using Debt Smartly: Nonprofit Lines of Credit and Loans"
June 12, 2012

Debt can be tricky to navigate for nonprofits. NFF Portfolio Manager, Barbara Libove's article in the New York Nonprofit Press offers guidance on how and when to use a line of credit appropriately and effectively. As followup, NFF has teamed up with the New York Nonprofit Press to provide an online forum for nonprofit leaders to get their questions answered. The webchat offers a unique opportunity to hear from both the borrower and lender perspective.  


  • Barbara Libove, Portfolio Manager, NFF, performs credit and financial analysis, manages risk, and negotiates loan restructurings. 
  • Sandra Reeve, Director of Finance,The Classical Academies, a tuition-free public charter school that uses a revolving line of credit to manage their cash flow needs.
  • Nima Krodel, Associate Director and Lender, NFF, is responsible for the underwriting, closing and monitoring of loans to clients.
  • Moderator: Fred Scaglione, Editor-in-Chief, New York Nonprofit Press