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"Nonprofit Finance Fund gave us a transparent template to monitor our finanical status that included a contingency plan that focused on balancing income and expense at pre-determined milestones. We are more engaged and act quickly to minimize the "crisis" mode of doing business."
Diane Masseth-Jones
Executive Director, YWCA of North Orange County
  • Loans: In partnership with California Community Foundation, NFF has created a Working Capital Loan Fund for Los Angeles area nonprofits facing cash flow and liquidity issues. The Working Capital Loan Fund is focused on providing lines of credit, bridge financing and growth loans for nonprofit organizations that met our lending criteria. For more information on our lending criteria or other types of loans, please refer to NFF's general loan program. If you would like more information about our lending products, please click here
  • New Markets Tax Credit Loans offer tax credits for private investors in exchange for capital investment in facilities in low-income communities.
  • Nonprofit Business Analysis (NBA) is an in-depth financial analysis and consultation that clarifies an organization's financial condition, helping management balance financial considerations with program goals and better articulate financial needs to funders.
  • Financial Leadership Clinic combines an educational seminar on nonprofit finance with individual coaching and peer-based learning. In the two-day Clinic, four to six small-to-midsized nonprofits working in a common sector learn to read and interpret their financial documents, understand the dynamics of their business models, and identify and communicate the specific financial needs and goals of their organizations.
  • Workshops and Coaching expertly guide nonprofits and funders in exploring how management decisions and capital structure affect an organization's mission and finances. NFF workshops are a dynamic exploration of how nonprofits and funders can improve the ways they use money, so that missions can thrive.
  • Capital Partners helps nonprofit organizations attract the shareholder-like investment they need to support significant transformations. Capital Partners brokers and facilitates capital campaigns of $5 million or greater, so that nonprofit executives can focus on the day-to-day running of their organizations.
  • Speaking Engagements, featuring insights from NFF President & CEO Clara Miller and other NFF staff members on the giving, getting and using of money in the nonprofit sector. With over 25 years experience in the field, NFF is a locally, nationally and internationally recognized thought leader on topics related to nonprofit finance and social enterprise.
  • Systems Replacement Plan (SRP) is a detailed review of a nonprofit's building systems. NFF consultants create a 20-year SRP that forecasts expected timing and costs of replacements and repairs, helping organizations better plan for future facility-related capital needs.
"Wow! That was just one of the many positive reactions of our members to Karla Salazar's presentation on non-profit financial presentations at our recent meeting. Her comments were insightful and very helpful for agencies striving to present the most effectively to both Boards and donors. Her presentation was a great combination of intelligence, enthusiasm and insight. It was one of the most helpful presentations our group has ever heard."
Scott Evans
President, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Orange County, CA chapter

NFF Workshops In Los Angeles:

These workshops help nonprofit leaders develop and use financial information to make sound decisions and to better communicate these decisions to their supporters, funders, and board. Please e-mail us at LA@nffusa.org with your contact information so that we can include you on the invitation list.

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NFF Los Angeles Advisory Committee Members:

  • Thomas E. Backer, PhD: President, Human Interaction Research Institute
  • Dannielle Campos: Senior Vice President, National Program Manager, Bank of America Charitable Foundation
  • Nike Irvin, Vice President, California Community Foundation
  • John Kim, Co-Director of the Advancement Project LA and Director of the Healthy City Project  
  • Jose Marquez: Director of Development, The Community Foundation
  • Daniel McQuaid: CEO & President, OneOC
  • Anne Olin: CEO, The Olin Group
  • Marcos Ramirez: Program Officer, Fieldstone Foundation
  • Jeff Schaffer: Vice President and Impact Market Leader, Enterprise Community Partners
  • Carmel Sella: Vice President, Community Development, Wells Fargo
  • Beatriz Maria Solís, Director of Healthy Communities, South Region, California Endowment.  
  • Belen Vargas: Vice President, Grant Operations, Weingart Foundation
  • Lisa Wilson: Director of Community Services, Flintridge Center


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Twitter: @NFF_LosAngeles

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