How Your Organization Can Help

Are you interested in investing in nonprofits through NFF?

NFF can help you invest in the nonprofit sector if you are:

  • a bank, insurance company or other financial institution
  • a foundation
  • a government agency
  • an individual

If you are a bank or financial institution, we welcome nonprofit loan referrals. We can provide guarantees and lend jointly with your institution. As a federally certified community development financial institution (CDFI), we can also help you fulfill Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) responsibilities.

We partner with funders and lenders in many ways, providing nonprofits with:

  • low-interest loans
  • subordinated debt
  • recoverable grants

If you're a foundation, we can provide you with new ways to support the growth and stability of your grantees, through grants and Mission- and Program-Related Investments (MRIs and PRIs). We can help you evaluate the financial health of current or potential grantees through our Nonprofit Business Analysis . We also work in partnership with foundations and banks to pilot innovative approaches to grantmaking and community lending.

For more information on how to invest in NFF, please call us at 212 868 6710!